A typical week at the SPCALL

Publié le April 7th 2021


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A typical week at the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle

There is never a dull moment at the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle ! On top of our daily responsibilities of caring for our boarders, facilitating adoptions, and dealing with citizens’ complaints, we need to be ready for all sorts of
emergencies or unplanned events…at all time. Here are just a few examples of situations we recently encountered, where we had to quickly organize in order to help as many animals as possible.


25 new boarder

Another shelter gives us a call: following an intervention, they end up with over 100 cats who are in pretty rough shape. They obviously need our help !

Without any hesitation, we jump in the action. Within 24 hours, our inspector is on site to recover as many as 25 of the cats. Meanwhile, the rest of the team gets busy reorganizing our shelter in order to welcome these new boarders. More than half are ill and will require special vet treatment over the course of the next few weeks.

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Pretty much all cats will require dental work prior to being adopted, and some will also need an enucleation (surgery to remove an eye). Thanks to your generous donations, coupled with our staff dedication, all cats were given the proper care and ended up being adopted by a new forever family.


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A very busy day in the operating room !

Chanelle is a 10-year old dog we salvaged from euthanasia, and who found a new home shortly thereafter. A few weeks later, she is back at the shelter for the removal of a mass, and for major dental treatment, including some teeth removal. Happy to report that surgery went well and Chanelle is now back with her adoptive family, totally pain free. And we thought we were done for the day … 

Of course not, now there is a new emergency. A pregnant cat named Charlotte is having difficulty delivering the last kitten of the litter. Her owners, not having the means to get her the help she requires, decide to surrender us the cat…and the problem. 



As soon as she gets to the shelter, she goes through an emergency C-section. Our vet carefully removes the kitty from the mother, but it is blue and breathless. The survival of the kitten is improbable. 

Long minutes of reanimation follow where the entire team is doing its best to save the animal. Finally, the poor little cat pushes a breath and begins breathing normally. What a relief ! Both mom and baby are now doing well, under the good care of a foster family, receiving their daily dose of TLC. 




Such interventions are very costly : Chanelle’s were estimated at 600$, while the cat’s C-section was over 800$.


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Small daily wins

At the SPCALL, no two days are alike. We are extremely proud of the work we do to provide for the well-being of animals. Small wins fill our hearts, like the story of Mogly, a stray cat we have sheltered for the last three years.

A timid cat by nature and not to fond of human beings, we had decided to socialize Mogly through our colony of non-socialized cats who live freely in our offices. After several months of socialization, Mogly started being comfortable living with people and somewhat liking being pet. We then put him up for adoption and he was quickly picked up by a cat-loving family.

We were sad to see him go, but so happy to see him get all the TLC from his adoptive family.

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Your donations help us take on these daily challenges ! The more you donate, the more animals we can help ! Thank you !


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