Adoption fees are not related to the adoption itself, but rather to the medical support and care given to the animal at the shelter or with the foster family, or during the limited medical follow-up period, subsequent to an adoption.

While at the shelter, the animal will be examined by a vet, sterilized, de-wormed, inoculated and will be treated for fleas.

They will also receive treatments deemed necessary by our vet team, within financial means, such as:

  • Dental care, including potential extractions
  • Antibiotic treatments or additional de-worming process
  • Special food depending on condition
  • Anti-inflammatory, pain killers and special pain control for older animals
  • Various surgeries; eye correction such as entropion, cherry eye, enucleation; amputation; orthopedic surgery, hernia reduction, etc.

Adoption fees include:

  • One or many vet examinations
  • A basic inoculation
  • A kennel cough vaccination for dogs
  • Initial de-worming vaccination
  • Flea treatment
  • Sterilization surgery
  • A bag of Hill’s Prescription Diet food
  • A collar and Id license from the SPCALL
  • A behavioural assessment report for dogs
  • A limited 30-day health warranty*

*Limited health warranty. The SPCALL offers a 30-day limited health warranty for infectious diseases that could have been in incubation at the time of adoption. While every effort is made to only offer healthy animals for adoption, it is possible that some infectious diseases are not presenting any symptoms during the incubation period and therefore cannot be diagnosed. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Cats :

  • $ 225(or two for $ 395)
  • $ 290 for kittens aged five months or less (or two for $ 495)
  • $ 150 for cats older than 8 years of age

Chiens :

  • $ 475
  • $ 660 for puppy less than five months old
  • $ 350 for a dog of more than 8 years of age