Since May 12, 2014, we are happy to offer a targeted sterilization clinic for cats. Our clinic was thoroughly inspected by the Quebec Order of Veterinary Doctors, attesting that our personnel, facilities and practices meet all regulations for that type of surgery.

What is a targeted sterilization clinic?

The clinic offers sterilization for a targeted group of people. It could mean people with limited financial means, or animals in need, like those living in colonies or with multiple litters. We offer sterilization, a first inoculation and a de-worming.

Is it free?

No, it is not free, but we are able to offer a discounted price since we do not offer other vet services you may find in a regular vet clinic or animal hospital. The first step would be to check if you qualify for the targeted clinic. Should you qualify, we will let you know of the fees, availability and other details.

Is it available for everyone?

No. One has to first qualify for the services. For starter, some animals may not qualify if deem too risky and should therefore go through a regular clinic or animal hospital. Furthermore, places are limited since we give priority to our own shelter animals. Delays may then be longer than a regular animal clinic or hospital.

How do I know if I qualify?

Contact us at 819 326-4059, or come to our shelter during normal work hours (1:00pm to 6:00pm) any day of the week. With the help of a standard questionnaire, we will be able to establish your qualification. This will take less than 10 minutes.

You or your animal does not qualify?

Please contact your local vet to get the information on fees and availability. Sterilization is a critical step in the well-being of your animal. You will also help with the control of the feline over-population, which has already reached alarming proportions in the Laurentians.

We can altogether make a difference and stop the animal over-population and improve the wellbeing of our animals.

You qualified and got an appointment? Here is what you now need to know :

Please note the date and time of your appointment
We are counting on your presence. If you miss your appointment, you will go to the bottom of the list for re-scheduling, and administration fees of $25 will be charged.

You can’t make the appointment? Please advise us at least 24 hours in advance
If you are unable to make the scheduled appointment, let us know as quickly as possible. If you give us at least 24 hours of notice, we will be able to accommodate someone else and you will not be charged $25 for missing the appointment.

Food and water
Your animal should have access to water at all time before the surgery, but no food should be given after midnight the day before the surgery.

Individual crate
Each cat must come in a secure individual pet carrier. The crate should have a blanket at the bottom and be large enough for the animal to rest on its side following the surgery.

We do not demand for a vaccination prior to the surgery, but we highly recommend it to protect your animal from any contagious diseases. Your animal will not be in direct contact with other animals, but the risk will remain while it shares the recovery room with other animals.

Arrival 8:00 am 
Be punctual! If you are late, we will already be following our busy schedule and the doors might be locked.

Authorizations and payment
You will be required to spend a few minutes to review and sign the authorization forms. These are critical to make sure we give the proper care for the animal. Payment is also completed the morning of the surgery. This will prompt an easier exit when you come back to get your animal in the afternoon.

We will be asking for an emergency phone number where you can be reached at all time during the day. Thanks for making this process easy on us!

Departure between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm
You can drop by and retrieve your friend at the end of the day. At time of pick-up, you will be given further instructions we invite you to read and follow to make sure the animal recovers promptly.

Complementary services

While your animal is with us, we can go through a number of different vaccines. A vaccine for rabies (fatal for animals and human beings) offers a one-year protection. Basic vaccination for cats protects your animal for 30 days. You can then contact your own vet to see how further inoculations can help your animal develop a proper immune system.

We can also treat your animal against parasites with a basic product. Let us know if you require additional information.

Now you’re ready!