Make a donation today… for tomorrow and for life!

You share our love for animals and wish to make a special contribution? A planned donation might just be the right way to go. This type of donation has helped us maintain the highest standards of quality and care for our four-legged friends for the last 34 years, while offering the best fiscal option for yourself and your succession.

Critical Planned Donations

The SPCALL gives a second chance to all animals it welcomes in its no-kill shelter.

Since we do not receive any financial assistance from governments or other Canadian SPCA’s, we can only count on revenues generated from adoptions, municipal contracts and public donations to maintain our activities.

Planned donations are a solid platform, ensuring continuous support of our activities. They also serve for special projects and the overall improvement of our services.

Here are ways to provide such aid:


This is the simplest and the most widely used way to make a planned donation.

You can bequeath a set amount to the SPCALL or a percentage of your overall legacy, including monies in an RRSP or RRIF. These donations, large or small, will help us provide the best possible care and comfort to errant, mistreated or abandoned animals.

In such cases, a receipt will be provided to your succession and they will, in turn, have an interesting fiscal impact. Comforting news for your loved ones!

Material donations

Material donations such as financial investments (stock, etc.) or physical buildings (houses, cottages, lots, etc.), jewellery, art, antiques are also welcome.

If you go with this option, please keep in mind that you will be better off turning those objects directly to the SPCALL, rather than selling them and turning the money over to us. There are solid fiscal reasons to use this process.

At any rate, if you wish to make a planned donation, we strongly suggest you consult with your financial advisor to evaluate all the options and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Did you know…

At the SPCALL, all donations serve for our daily shelter activities and special projects, benefiting directly our animals.

Life insurance

Giving a life insurance can make a huge difference to our activities.

You can give us an active policy, or you can designate us as first or secondary beneficiary, or you can buy a brand new policy. Regardless, all policies are an excellent way to make a donation for animals without affecting your estate.

Again, your financial advisor can give you more information on the fiscal advantages of using this process to make a donation.


Annuity and charitable trust

If you decide to use a charitable trust to make a straight donation, the SPCALL will pay an annuity for the rest of your life or that of your spouse. When you pass, the SPCALL can collect the balance of the unpaid annuity or remaining funds.

You can also create a charitable trust from securities and then collect a lifetime annuity. Upon death, the SPCALL will receive the remaining capital.

These are more complex ways of making a planned donation and we suggest you contact your financial advisor to get more information.

How to make a planned donation

The first step is to contact your financial advisor who will be able to assist you in the process.

In all cases, please make sure you clearly indicate the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle as beneficiary, along with our charitable number: 89570 9145 RR0001.

To contact us

For more information on planned donations, please contact Corinne Gonzalez, General Manager of the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, at 819 326-4059, or toll free at 1 866 960-7722, or by e-mail using this contact form.