As a no-kill shelter, our mission is to provide a second chance to stray, mistreated or abandoned animals, within our financial and physical capacities.

The SPCA Laurentides-Labelle provides shelter, medical assistance and adoption process to nearly 2,000 cats and dogs on a yearly basis.


We strive to develop an expert and ethical animal sheltering and rescue practices, while maintaining the highest adoption standards, where the well-being of the animal is foremost, for a comfortable stay at the shelter with the lowest possible stress-related level.

We are passionate about adoptions. Our team will make sure every animal is properly showcased to quickly find the right family and to make room for another potential animal in need.

This vision also includes to work closely with animal owners to establishes the most harmonious animal-human contact. Our goal is to make sure the animal owners have the right tools to best serve the animals, while learning all about the feline and- canine behaviours.

We believe that every single animal life we help is unique and very precious.