Our definition

The SPCA Laurentides-Labelle is a no-kill shelter. This means that euthanasia is prescribed only when an animal is deemed dangerous or beyond possibilities of adoption, or if medical treatments will not ensure a certain quality of life. For us, this is reflected in less than 5 % of deceased or euthanized animals per year.

Here are some concrete examples:

  • An animal is found severely injured. After the vet examination and x-rays, we find a badly fractured limb which will require orthopedic surgery, a potential amputation of the limb or full rest for many weeks. The animal will get the necessary medical treatment.
  • A litter of orphaned kittens, under 8 weeks of age, arrive at the shelter. We quickly contact a foster family through our network, and it will look after the animals until they are ready for adoption. In the meantime, our team will continue to provide assistance until they are adopted.
  • An animal arrives at the shelter with a severe medical condition, like diabetes. We go through our network to find the right environment for the animal.
  • An older animal arrives at the shelter. Regardless of age, if the animal has a good quality of life, we will find him a new family.
  • A terminally-ill animal but with a good quality of life ends up at the shelter. This one will also get a chance to find a supporting family for the balance of his life, while we will offer the medical support.
  • An animal with a neurological condition, such as ataxia, but able to feed and clean himself, play and not suffering, will also be given a chance for another loving family.
  • An animal with behavioural restrictions, e.g. cannot live with another animal or a family with a child, will be found a suitable home with these restrictions.
  • A sick animal or an animal that develops a condition whilst at the shelter, such as parvovirus, rhinotracheitis, panleucopenia, etc. will be isolated and treated.
  • An animal with dental problems, a frequent condition amongst more senior animals, will receive proper dental treatment.
  • All procedures, except for x-rays and orthopedic surgeries, are performed on-site by our team, consisting of two vets and four technicians, offering 7-day coverage.