Be part of the team!

Becoming a volunteer means making a direct contribution to the well-being of the animals during their stay at the shelter. Volunteers play an essential role, enriching the daily lives of our residents in collaboration with our staff.

We have a limited number of positions available, which enables us to provide quality training in all areas of involvement.

Candidates must meet the following criteria, except for grooming:

  • Be 16 years and over
  • Be able to give a minimum of 2 half-days per month
  • Be able to work a fixed schedule (same time each week)
  • Be able to make a long-term commitment (6 months minimum)

Five areas of involvement depending on positions available:

  1. Dog walkers (16 years and over)

    This program allows you to establish contact with the dogs. If you enjoy being around energetic dogs who need to move and explore, this will be a great experience. The task is to walk the dogs and spend quality time with them in order to get them out of the kennel.
  1. Dog Environment Enrichment Attendants (16 years and over)
    To get involved in this program, you must first have been involved in the area of dog walking.

    This program gives you the opportunity to spend time with special-needs dogs. Volunteers work in collaboration with canine behaviour specialists and implement established stimulation plans. Depending on the dogs and their needs, this involves educational, play, socialization, desensitization and other activities.
  1. Cat Environment Enrichment Workers (16 years and over)

    This area establishes affectionate contact with cats. The job involves brushing, petting, playing with and spending time with cats.
  1. Attendant for cats with special needs (16 years and over) 
    Please note that to get involved in this area, you must first have been involved in the Cat Enriching Environment duties.

    Depending on individual needs, this area involves working with cats who are having difficulty adapting to shelter life (shy, timid), cats in the treatment room who need attention and socialization, hyperactive cats who need to move, etc. Tasks include following pre-established socialization, enrichment and desensitization plans.
  1. Grooming cats and/or dogs
    Lots of animals arrive at the shelter in a state of neglect. These animals need grooming. This includes washing, brushing, shaving, nail trimming etc.

    Do you have grooming experience and would like to be added to our contact list? Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page to get involved in the area of grooming.

    Unlike the other areas of involvement, this one varies according to our needs and does not require you to be able to give 2 half-days a month on a fixed schedule.

How to become a volunteer :

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page depending on your area of interest.

* Once we have received your application, we will contact you if your profile matches our organization's needs.

Here are a few things to remember about volunteering at the SPCALL:

  • At the SPCALL, volunteers work in harmony and in collaboration with our employees. We value team spirit. Respect for each other's work is essential.

  • Respect for the animals' well-being is vital. Gentleness and respect for instructions are a must.

  • For planning purposes, we ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of 2 half-days per month, between 9am and 6pm, on a fixed monthly schedule.

  • Finally, it is very important to know that being an SPCALL volunteer does not provide you with any financial or other benefits nor are there benefits to those around you. Adoption fees, pet entry fees and other fees also apply to all volunteers.

Please fill in the form(s) below according to the areas in which you are interested.

Grooming volunteer application form

Dog volunteer application form

Cat volunteer application form