Kitty season is the heavy season !

Publié le May 2nd 2022

Each year, around springtime, the SPCA Laurentians-Labelle team goes in high gear to prepare and organize the massive arrival of :

  • Pregnant female cats
  • Mommy cats and their newborn kittens
  • Orphan kittens

The kitty season lasts right through summer, and more

All of these cats must :

  • Go through a full examination upon their arrival
  • Quickly be placed in a foster home
  • Receive  very thorough and regular follow-ups
  • Because of their very fragile nature, receive regular exams

Foster families will host their kittens until they reach the age of eight weeks, and sometimes longer for orphans as their development is slower than expected.

We provide the foster family with :

  • Replacement milk and nursing bottles
  • Scale
  • Wet and dry food
  • Basic equipment such as litter box, scooper, bowls, toys, blankets, etc.
  • Wood pellets for the litter box
  • Vet care

This process represents a significant challenge for us, at all levels. It is through the generosity of financial supporters that we manage to offer quality care to these fragile animals.


$10 will buy one container of replacement milk

$22 will buy one case of canned food

$25 will cover the cost of a vet examination


 Let's help our kittens in need, make a donation!