Never seen before!

Publié le November 10th 2021


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As never seen before!!!


As we are writing this article, we have more than 60 cats in need of medical care, a situation we have never faced in the past!

This pandemic period has greatly affected access to vet care, making it very difficult for pet owners to look after the health and well-being of their loved ones. Therefore, in most cases, the animals that were left in our care were in great need of medical assistance.

The SPCA Laurentides-Labelle needs your help to continue its mission in putting the animals back on all fours, so they can eventually be adopted by their forever loving families.


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$10 covers the cost of one day of care for a cat in good health

$25 covers the cost of a veterinary examination

$30 covers the cost of one day of care for a dog in good health

$55 covers the cost of one month worth of anxiety medication for a dog

$105 covers the cost of helping a cat back to full health

$145 covers the weekly cost of canned food for our sick animals


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 Cute Beagle dog looking out an open window waiting for his owner

COVID dogs, a new reality !!

We are now seeing an increase of dogs being abandoned by their owners as a result of behavioural problems.

In most cases, the dogs lack socialization, especially amongst the puppy population adopted during the confinement period. These dogs, now grown-up, have a multitude of issues, trying to adapt to various changing conditions, and they suffer different levels of anxiety, even leading to escaping or showing fear-based aggressive behaviour.

With their owners now returning back to work, some of these dogs are now suffering from separation anxiety.

This new reality makes adoption even more difficult, because of the numerous restrictions and the amount of work required to correct these behaviours.

Furthermore, anxious dogs will need additional medication to reduce their anxiety while at the shelter, and again when transferring them to their new homes.

Your donations are more critical than ever to help us provide for their special needs, which also are likely to take longer because of these behavioural issues.

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It is through your generous donations that we continue with our mission to help animals,  including those with special needs.

Please note that the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle does not receive any financial support from any level of government. SPCA’s are all independent of one another and completely autonomous.

Together, we can provide a second chance to thousands of animals in need !

On behalf of our animals, the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle team thanks you for your support!

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