Happy Easter

Publié le March 30th 2021







 Happy Easter



No bunnies without commitment !

It is a very common scene for shelters to see a significant increase in rabbits being abandoned right after Easter. One should seek advice and gather information on the care required by our furry friends before they go through the adoption process, because it may result in a longer than expected commitment.

Rabbits need space. Unlike other pets, they don't live in a crate. They live in a pen, and will need to freely roam around the house from time to time. Their diet has to be varied and include some hay, grain, and fresh produce to ingest the required nutrients.

Rabbits are fragile and we need to keep an eye on their overall health. They will require regular manicuring, and the teeth also need special care. Concerned about the overpopulation ? Rabbits need to be sterilized.

Rabbits are definitely great pets and they are adorable. If you are considering adopting this very endearing animal, don't hesitate to consult a shelter !


Chocolate Warning !

While we all love chocolate, the same cannot be said for our pets. Every year at Easter, we see an increase of chocolate intoxication amongst our pet population.

Cats and dogs who decide to share your Easter gift can suffer symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, accelerated heartbeat...and all of those can turn out to be lethal for your four-legged friend.

Curious cats and dogs can decide to check out your chocolate stash. If they do, you should contact your closest Vet clinic immediately to seek assistance.

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The entire SPCALL team wishes you and your four-legged friends a very happy Easter. 


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