Up for Adoption Services

We are a no-kill shelter, open to the public from 1:00pm to 5:00pm monday to saturday. Our experienced team takes over animals who can no longer be with their original owners, for various reasons.

Our approach is both respectful and empathic, understanding that letting go of an animal can be a very difficult decision to make.

Why leave your animal at the SPCALL?

  • One of the leading shelters in the province of Quebec, 10 years running, for best practices in adoption. We give each animal a second chance to find a forever home. Contact us for more information on bringing in your animal.
  • We find a new home for 2,000 animals every year.
  • The average time for adoption is three weeks.
  • While staying with us, the animal will be examined by a vet doctor, will receive all the basic treatments such as vaccination, de-worming and sterilization, as well as other medical treatments, such as dental work, if and when required.
  • Each dog will go through a behavioural assessment with one of our specialist to best define the type of family and environment for the optimal match.
  • We provide continuous TLC to make sure the animal evolves in the new environment and is ready for adoption.
  • We offer personalized stimulation plans for animals to spend the right level of energy and also to build a routine for the ease of transition to their new home.
  • We have a well-being protocol for cats which helps reduce their stress level and ease the transition to their new home.
  • All dogs are walked a minimum of three times a day, rain or shine!
  • Outside pens offer the animals a chance to socialize, run, play or simply get some fresh air!
  • Our passion for the well-being of animals results in a beneficial and fun stay at the shelter.
  • We treat every single animal at the shelter like we treat our own pets at home: with TLC and respect.
  • We are always seeking new best practices in the world of animal shelter to continuously improve on our methods.

If you can no longer keep your animal, please give us a call or fill out the contact form, before you bring in the animal to see if we have space available and to understand the takeover conditions.

You can reach us, seven days a week, from 9:00am to 6:00pm, at 819 326-4059, or toll free at 1 866 960-SPCA (7722).